Pearl and Leather Jewelry hand created by Artist, Tanya G Burnett
  Fresh Water Pearls
  Tahitian Pearls
  South Sea Pearls
  Paua (abalone) Shell
  Palm Beach Dog Collars
  Past Designs

 Artist, Tanya G Burnett pictured with her Vizsla dog Calypso on Palm Beach

The pulse of the ever changing ocean has left its rhythmic tattoo on my life for as long as I can remember. I grew up in the Caribbean where sea and sky embrace in ecstatic dance. Later I came to structure my education, passion and livelihood around literally plunging beneath the waves. The sirens call of distant shores, distant seas and new discoveries has always rung so loudly that I could not help but answer in kind. Some have wryly suggested there must be a mermaid in my family tree… and I’m not too sure I would argue otherwise. 

Inspired by all things nature and most particularly by the ocean, I have photographed and documented my experiences above and below the surface. You can visit this part of my professional world at ISLAND EXPOSURE 

I have also been designing and crafting high end jewelry from natural gems, ethnic beads and pearls for the better part of two decades. But nothing has spoken as seductively to my clients and me as my work with the ocean’s own precious gem: the pearl. Fortunately my travels and contacts in the South Pacific and the Far East have allowed me to hand select every pearl I use which I personally drill to my specifications. The leather cording used is free of toxins and certified by both European and American standards.

I have strived to create a delicate balance of elegance, artistry and value with ocean inspired designs that can be dressed up or down. Most importantly, my jewelry is meant to be worn often, if not always. I wear my designs every day… even in the sea.

Calypso Sea – Jewelry for those drawn to mermaids and to all women who relish beauty.